Industries We Work With

Our firm has extensive experience across industry sectors in Ireland & the UK.

Charities & NFPOs

As a firm, we work closely with Charities and Not-for-Profit entities. In a world that demands more transparency and governance in the sector, we can help register your charity with the Charities Regulator and prepare the required annual reporting whether it’s an audited report or simple income and expenditure. We will help facilitate the improvement of your entity’s best practice reputation within your community to help generate and secure funding. We can assist you to develop internal control policies and procedures or advise on the effectiveness of your current control environment.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Family businesses are the heart and soul of business in Ireland. Our clients’ family businesses are spread across several sectors including hospitality, construction and retail. We develop close working relationships with our business owners and gain an in-depth knowledge of their business by providing an unrivalled service to our clients. We support our clients with payroll, VAT and RCT returns allowing our clients to focus on the core offering of their business. At Veritas, we can provide our clients with real time and up-to-date financial results/data which facilitates an informed decision-making process for our clients which allows for issues to be addressed as they arise and allow owners to pivot their business when required. We focus on retirement planning to ensure our clients have appropriately provided for their retirement and assist family business owners with succession planning.

Farming & Agribusiness

At Veritas, we work with dairy and beef farmers, agricultural contractors and agribusinesses. We have a deep understanding of the agricultural sector and provide our clients with advice on creating efficiencies and reducing costs. We assist clients who are expanding their farming enterprises and advise on the most suitable structures including partnerships, companies and hybrid structures. We specialise in succession planning and transferring the farm to the next generation while availing of all applicable reliefs.


As a firm of Chartered Accountants that prides itself on having the most up-to-date technology, we always embrace working with technology companies from tech start-ups, coders, programmers, website developers, agribusinesses and STEM companies. Working closely with these companies gives us an insight into the everchanging world of technology. In addition to our standard service offering, we assist technology companies in developing employee retention schemes through share and share option schemes.  We also advise technology companies on R&D tax credits, capital allowances on intangible assets and knowledge development box.

Legal & Professional 

We provide support to professionals across various sectors such as Medicine (GPs/Locums/Hospital Consultants), Pharmacology, Dentistry, Engineering, Architecture and Legal (Barristers/Solicitors). We offer a full suite of services to our professional service clients including dealing with Professional Services Withholding Tax (PWST). We offer clarity to many of our professionals on the distinction between employees and independent self-employed contractors. We also advise our clients on the most efficient methods of cash extraction and how funds accumulated in companies can be used to finance other investments.

Foreign Direct Investment

Ireland is one of the top destinations in Europe for attracting FDI due to its corporation tax rate, tax regime, digital infrastructure, green economy and highly skilled and educated workforce. Ireland also has an extensive double tax treaty network which proves attractive to investors. At Veritas, we can assist you with exploring how Ireland’s tax regime will work best for your investment into Ireland, allowing your business to maximise profits facilitating further investment and tax efficient repatriation of profits.

Property & Construction

We have extensive experience in advising clients on property transactions and construction related activities. We provide a full suite of services including VAT and payroll and we also advise on the operation of RCT for both principal and sub-contractors. Many of our clients in the construction sector benefit from the preparation of bi-monthly management accounts due to the tendency for fluctuating costs within the industry. We provide specialist tax advice on VAT on property transactions to clients in the construction sector and investors.